Don't Worry: HP Is Refunding You All Your TouchPad Money

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In the midst of all the news about the TouchPad fire sale, some people might feel left out in the lurch with their pre-downfall tablets. You're covered; HP will reportedly refund you your money or pay back the difference on the sale prices.

It's funny that the TouchPad has been selling like mad all day as a result of the new discounts—depending on where you can get them—but HP cares enough to not let their customers feel ripped off in their grand bow out. According to WebOS Roundup:

Folks who bought HP TouchPads from HP's website just need to call HP's Home & Office phone service (be ready to be on hold for about a half hour) and tell them you want a full refund or to be credited the difference. HP will honor either request, and in the case of the fire-sale difference, they will give you an additional $10 credit off of your sales tax.


Retail partners will at least offer refunds, but it's not clear which retailers are doing what. You should be able to make good on the price-drop, but be sure to call your retailer to be sure. In any case, it's the right thing to do, and it's good to see HP do right even when it's so sad to see WebOS go. [WebOS Roundup]