Don't Worry, These Ugly Rubber Slippers Will Rot Away In Six Months

Would you spend $13 on a pair of rubber slippers that start to rot away the second you open the packaging? It's a feature most people would like to see on those aesthetically-challenged Crocs, but the O1Ms are from a Spanish company called One Moment and are made from a soft vegetable-based plastic that will completely biodegrade in just six months.

As a result they're probably better suited for use when tackling springtime gardening, summering at the cabin, or any activity where they're only needed for a limited time. In fact, they seem particularly well suited to gardening because when you're done you can cut them up and sprinkle the shredded remains around your plants as extra nourishment. The circle of life meets the circle of style.


[One Moment via PSFK]

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