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I don't think John Carmack had a version of the Doom 2 and Wolfenstein RPGs in mind when he recently said that id Software was bringing something "very special" to the iPhone, but CEO Todd Hollenshead has revealed that he would like to bring both of these games to the device, which he claims is more powerful than a DS and PSP combined. The software is already being worked on for other platforms, but Hollenshead admits that it is too early to tell whether the games will be ported to the iPhone. The small team at id means that the company can only work on one game at a time, so they are toying with the idea of pairing up with a publishing partner to get a game running on the iPhone. However, Hollenshead is taking a cautious approach. He explains that games on the iPhone "are going to be competing with all of those other things you can do on the iPhone that are pretty cool" and that "It does raise the bar on what you need to do from a game standpoint." So, when analyzing statements from Carmack and Hollenshead together, it seems that id Software definitely wants to bring games to the iPhone, but the two leaders have different viewpoints on the situation. Carmack is gung-ho and talking exclusive titles that are a "graphical tour de force" while Hollenshead is cautious and talking about porting titles that are already in development. We will just have to wait and see who gets their way. [Kotaku]


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