Doomsday Plane: A Floating Pentagon 'Just in Case'

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Think your ride is cool? I bet it's no match for the National Airborne Operations Center, no matter how pimped out yours is. Known colloquially as the "Doomsday Plane," the Boeing 747 is outfitted enough to be considered a floating Pentagon. (In the event of a devastating attack upon the United States, the Doomsday Plane serves as a mobile Pentagon.) It's got enough food, water, fuel, etc. to stay afloat for days on end. To top it off, about a dozen of the most "relevant" war plans are always onboard. Watch your ass, Sealand.


Of course, we couldn't get a picture of this uberplane, so just pretend that this Secret Service guard is in front of it and not Air Force One.


Inside Bob Gates's Flying Fortress [Time]

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according to a National Geographic special dvd about Air Force One it as well can absorb the force of a nuclear radion and has a on board operating table and equipmend....i guess the must have a least a dozen that can be used in the event of nuclear issues ...but i dont know how they would be able to stop the electromagnetic waves from disabling the electronics