Dork Contest Finalists

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Dorkdom is hard on the young. As we grow older, we turn into William Vollman-esque "tortured souls" and maybe get a little play if we're not too fat, but life as a young dorkling is fraught with danger. Wedgies threaten us at every turn and a bad day on the modem could mean the difference between leeching that copy of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or getting 4 MBs of nothing. Well, friends, Gizmodo is here to tell you we love you. Take our friend here. His mom thought it would be a good idea to dress her son as a fairy. A FAIRY! This guy went on to learn how to drink Heineken and smoke cloves, but what about the rest of these poor children.

Friends, after the jump you will find a cavalcade of dorkery so complete and horrific that the mind reels and the stomach churns. Please: vote for your favorite, do not use robots or other stupid things, and the winner will receive a charming Tokyo Flash watch—a precious piece of bling that could potentially bring these hairballs out of their ADD-induced social retardation. Please. Do it for the children.


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