Dotmobi Top-Level Domain Now Ready For The Masses

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The many companies behind the dotMobi top-level domain hope to make your mobile Internet experience both better and easier. The top-level domain—like .com and .org—opened up to the general public yesterday (it was announced just a few months ago, too) and I saw the domain in action (if you can call it that) at an event recently. Actually creating a .mobi Web site is terrifically easy and the demoed tools were little more than a text editor, which is good news for people who just want to throw together a quick "look-what-I-did-last-night" type of site to show their friends. (Pictured here is an example of running on a mobile device.)


So all those portable gadgets that you use to access the mobile Internet might actually be useful from now on, since it's pretty much common knowledge that going to many Web sites on a cellphone is nigh impossible. I wonder if anyone has dibs on yet?

dotMobi Home Page [dotMobi]