Download an Exquisite Handcrafted Wood Appshelf

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A bookshelf is nice...if you have books to put on it. But it's 2010, and, for better or worse, my copy of Angry Birds is seeing a lot more use than my copy of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Thankfully, designer Jeff Broderick whipped up this elegant iOS 4 background to house all our other modern day classics. Yeah, OK, I know we're supposed to be moving away from these kitschy design metaphors, but I can't help enjoying seeing all my apps lit up proudly like trophies in some wondrous nerd trophy case.

You can grab the background here, but at least try to save a spot somewhere for iBooks. [Dribbble]

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The spotlights are lame and, as seen above, look totally ridiculous when there are no apps to be shown in those areas...