Download Movies From Sprint

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No more of this clip shiznit, says Sprint. The company finally realized that most people don't care about getting a 3-minute preview of an upcoming movie or clip of an old David Letterman show, so it's announced a service that will allow the users of Sprint mobile video phones to watch full-length films, television shows, concerts and comedy specials. The service will be provided by MSpot and will cost $6.95 a month for unlimited content. Sadly, it's not exactly what I'd call full service just yet, with movies like One-Eyed Jacks—a Marlon Brando-Karl Malden Western, Night of the Living Dead and everyone's favorite Ally Sheedy flick, Short Circuit. Sprint does expect to add seven films a week, but unless the quality gets better than this, you may want to stick with your Video iPod.


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