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Download While You Still Can: Camera+ App Hides Hardware Shutter From Apple

Illustration for article titled Download While You Still Can: Camera+ App Hides Hardware Shutter From Apple

The developers of iPhone photography app Camera+ were hoping to offer one particularly enticing option: a hardware shutter via volume buttons. But Apple put the kibosh on their plan, saying it would confuse users. The dev's solution? Hide the feature.


The need to tap the iPhone's screen to snap a shot is for many an unwelcome (and unwieldy) process, and a hardware solution doesn't seem to jibe with Apple's design approach. TapTapTap, makers of Camera+, sought to offer users a clever workaround, as the phone's volume buttons are perfectly located under the thumb or index finger when using the screen as a viewfinder. This means, in TapTapTap's words, that "photos can be sharper because you can now hold your iPhone steadier with two hands instead of fumbling around for the shutter button on screen." They also point out that headphones with volume controls could be used as a remote.

I'm certainly inclined to agree—now that my phone is made out of glass, I want as many fingers gripping the thing as possible. But Apple deemed the "non-standard" use of the volume buttons far too mystifying for the average iPhone user, and unacceptable, lest we all become confused and degenerate, screeching and cracking open coconuts with our phones in a panicked frenzy.


Camera+ has circumvented the App Store censors (for now), by letting users navigate to a site in Safari that unlocks the volume button shutter. A clever fix to preserve another clever fix. Get it while it's still available—this probably won't last long. [iTunes via Wired]

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Bought the program solely because of this. No user confusion on my part, I'm not an idiot. Perhaps they should put a disclaimer so that it would calm the fears of those at Cupertino.

Anyhoo, the app has a bug where it would automatically take a snapshot when you go into Camera mode. I guess we take the good with the bad, and if an update comes out, it's likely guaranteed for that easter egg to disappear.

Most of us non-idiot users would be able to figure out that using the volume buttons to capture wouldn't cause confusion in other applications, and it takes a non-idiot user to enter in the command in Mobile Safari anyway to toggle it.

To Apple and taptaptap, I say leave it in if you can.