Download Windows 7 Now, Before It's Too Late

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Tomorrow is the last day to download Windows 7 and get a license key from Microsoft. If you've been putting it off, it's do-or-die time. Here's quick access to everything you need. UPDATED.

Update: Apparently when the Windows Team said they were removing the limit on Windows 7 downloads through Jan. 24, they didn't mean you wouldn't be able to download it after Jan. 24. The Windows Team announced tonight that you actually have until Feb. 10 to start downloading Windows 7 and through Feb. 12 to finish downloading it. And you'll still be able to get product keys after Feb. 12, though they don't specify for how long.

Here's where you get the download and product key—pick 32- or 64-bit (go 64), and you'll need a Windows Live account. After punching in your user and pass, you're presented with a product key and a download link. If you're at work and can't download right now, what you could do is go ahead and grab a product key (or two) so you'll have 'em, and then grab the install files later. Not sure if Microsoft will still be hosting the download afterward, but there are other places to get the Windows 7 install files, luckily.


Don't know what to do once you've got it downloaded? We've got you covered with a complete guide to installing Windows 7, pretty much pain-free, so you can test drive Windows 7 while keeping your current OS install totally intact. Here's how to make it happen on Boot Camp on Macs.

For everything else Windows 7—tips, analysis, and more—click here.


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