Dozens of Bomb Threats Reported Across America in Apparent Bitcoin Ransom Scam

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On Wednesday afternoon, a wave of bomb threats were reported at various locations across the United States. On social media, numerous law enforcement departments issued alerts notifying citizens that they’re looking into bomb threats targeting businesses, schools, government offices and even private residents. It appears the threats are being sent by email.

NBC News quoted the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau’s brief statement on the investigation:

We are currently monitoring multiple bomb threats that have been sent electronically to various locations throughout the city. These threats are also being reported to other locations nationwide and are not considered credible at this time.


NBC News said “dozens” of threats had been reported, but the full extent of these threats is not yet clear. A number of news organizations and law enforcement agencies report remarkably similar sounding emails mentioning a bitcoin ransom of $20,000. And some Twitter users have shared emails they’ve received demanding the cryptocurrency and warning that an explosion would only encourage others to pay up.

Gizmodo has shared a copy of the email that’s being circulating online with the NYPD and asked if the department could confirm that it is the same threat that others have found in their inbox. We did not receive an immediate response.

This is a developing story and we’ll update with more information as we have it.


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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

Problem here is that the people who are dumb enough to fall for for this one aren’t going to have the first clue how to pay the ransom.