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So this is a new one. Dr. Pepper made an aggressively silly ad about the "Evolution of Flavor." It shows an early-evolution man finding a can of Dr. Pepper, and BOOM, full-fledged homo sapiens. Funny! And again, willfully goofy. And then it started a culture war.


Here are some highlights from the flame fest:

Frank Suarez Trin, your punishment will be more severe because you use the lord's name to spew your hatered. You're the one thats going to hell.
11 hours ago · Like · 5

Alex Nichols EVOLUTION IS GAY!!!!!!!!
20 minutes ago · Like · 2

Colton Chambers Drink Pepper, Hail Satan.
4 hours ago · Like · 9

Mark Ritner dr. pepper is made with addictive mugwump jism and satan's ball sweat! if you drink it, you'll be cursed with a permanent priapism!
3 hours ago · Like · 3


Of course, there are a few reasonable folks in there among the trolls and crazies, too:

Galen Ray Richards I am a Christian and I do believe in evolution, I also believe that Dr.Pepper has free speech. This ad worked great. Also Robert I was talking about modern history. I know many people have killed in the name of religion. I would say that they are all in hell today. But you do not believe in hell so its a moot point lol
4 hours ago · Like · 2

As of publication, it has been liked 25,464 times, with 3,719 comments—most of which appear to be totally insane. But we do extend a personal thank you to Joe S Sparto, who remembered to tag Big Butter Jesus into the image. [Facebook via BuzzFeed]

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