Dragonfly Skyscraper Farm Will Give Pigs the Best Views of Manhattan

Illustration for article titled Dragonfly Skyscraper Farm Will Give Pigs the Best Views of Manhattan

The pigs are advancing so quickly in their world domination plans that now they are opening headquarters in New York City. This is the Dragonfly Vertical Farm, a skyscraper designed for animals and agricultural production.


Sitting on the southern part of Roosevelt Island—on the East River, appropriately right in front of the United Nations' HQ building—the farm skyscraper is based on the shape of a dragonfly's wings. It extends 132 floors and 600 meters up in the air, totalling an area of 360,000 square meters.


Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, the Dragonfly Vertical Farm is designed to produce fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and dairy. It will also include public spaces, like gardens, a marina, markets, and a public "kitchen" area, so people can enjoy the natural environments—and watch the animals as they get ready to first take over Manhattan, and then take over Berlin.

This may result in the most expensive milk and bacon in the planet, which is probably why it is never going to be built. Although I secretly hope it does, so New York starts looking like Caprica City already. [Design Boom]

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If they want to farm closer to NYC, wouldnt floating "farms" be a lot more ecologically sound and less expensive? This building will only become a target for anti-farming (or anti-bacon) terrorists.