DREAD: Silent Monster Weapon Spins Out 120,000 Rounds Per Minute

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

You're not going to want to be on the receiving end of this DREAD gun, capable of cranking out 120,000 rounds per minute of .308 and .50 caliber round metal balls at 8000 feet per second (ft/s). To give you some perspective, the M-16 rifle delivers its ammunition at 3200 ft/s, and can shoot a mere 900 rounds per minute.


With this monster, it's easy to fill the air with lead (or steel, tungsten, tungsten carbide, ceramic-coated tungsten, etc...), because it has no recoil, spinning its projectiles out using electrical energy, not gunpowder. That makes it suitable for use in unconventional places, such as aboard satellites. Jeez, it's as if time travelers dropped this ferocious beast off on someone's doorstep; it looks like the Starship Enterprise.

Surprising info and a kick-ass video of this devastating new weapon:

There's no muzzle flash, either, so those dreaded enemies won't be able to use your gunfire for targeting. Plus, the thing can engage multiple targets at the same time. It's relatively small, too, especially considering its firepower. It's intended to be tripod-mounted and is 40 inches long, 32 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It has just 30 component parts and weighs a mere 28 pounds when empty.


There's an advanced prototype now operating at the gun's Connecticut maker, Trinamic Technologies, but there is no mention of when this electrically-powered centrifuge weapon might be deployed. We're just glad this mofo is on our side.

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This was linked on [fark.com] yesterday, and I was more than a little amused at the 400+ comments left by the chowderheads over there. They sounded like a bunch of cavemen decrying fire.

Now, I would agree that some of the claims might seemed far fetched, but honestly, there are a lot of things that would seem that way at first blush. How about cooking without heat, splitting an atom, rollable electronic screens, Britney with no panties, and Lava Lamps?

Its only science fiction until someone figures out the science.