Dream Home: A Converted Firehouse With A Fire Pole

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If you were anything like me growing up, you dreamt about living in a firehouse just so you could have a fire pole to slide down. This San Francisco townhouse is the house I dreamt about. I'm so moving here.


The five level condo has 3-bedrooms and 3.5-baths in 3,173 square feet. But who really cares about that? It's a converted firehouse that used to house Engine #40 for godsakes!

The owners smartly left some of the original firehouse charm during the renovation: from the outside, you can clearly see the original firehouse doors and in the inside, there's the original fire pole tucked into the living room. I'd never, ever take the stairs to go downstairs if I lived here.


The condo is in Cole Valley and will cost the lucky future homeowner a cool $1,895,000. [8 Carmel via Curbed SF]

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My firm's office has a mini golf course built into it. There are holes scattered about the building and its actually pretty challenging to play around all the furniture and people. That said, I asked my boss the other day about installing a fire pole to get from upstairs to downstairs faster. His response? "Oh yea. we seriously thought about that when we were renovating the building"