Dreamcast Boombox Is The DIY Project You Were Looking For Today

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A rusty car squeals to a halt in the 7-Eleven car-park. Out steps a tracksuit-bedecked man, boombox on shoulder. Sauntering over to the rival gang-leader, he presses a button on the boombox. Out filters Ecco The Dolphin's ambient keyboard notes.


The rival gang-leader falls to his knees. He'd only brought Nas' Illmatic! Our protagonist smiles—or was it a grimace? It was hard to tell, such was the bruising surrounding his jaw after last week's face-off with his nemesis. Suddenly, he was extra grateful he'd spent hours soldering his younger bro's Sega Dreamcast into the old boombox—heck he'd even wired four controller ports so he and his bros could huddle around the deck, playing Soul Calibur, Virtua Tennis—even Samba De Amigo when the mood struck them.

He hadn't meant to leave the Ecco The Dolphin disc in the CD-Rom drive of the boombox, but as it happens, his nemesis had nailed the tailwalk move after spending several weeks in the hospital the previous year, chest healing from a gunshot wound. TO BE CONTINUED... [XCKDIY via UK:Resistance]



You have a uh Playstation 2? Naw man I got Gamecast.