Dredd: So Dumb, So Fun

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I put off seeing Dredd for a long time. You might be in the same boat. Maybe you've heard vaguely good things about it, but just never really bothered to hunt it down and check it out because, well, it's a movie called "Dredd." Let me push you over the edge. Just do it.


So Dredd just recently came to Netflix Instant, and on Netflix, it is the perfect watch for a lazy Saturday (or *day, really) night. Don't really feel like using your brain? Fine! Good! You will only need the parts that experience pleasure and light up when things happen in slow motion and when things explode, often in slow motion.

Dredd isn't so much remarkable for being a movie with a good story or anything so much as it is for being a entertaining as an action movie without being totally fucking stupid. It's kinda dumb, sure, but that's part of the charm. The story roars along in its (pretty well-established if ridiculous) fictional world with a welcome dose of internal consistency and character motivations that make sense. That's rarer than it should be. And Dredd—for a dude named Dredd who specializes in shooting people in the god damn face—actually has a couple of character traits that are touched on but not overplayed. Subtlety! Imagine!

Now being the young'in I am, I can't claim to have any familiarity with the original. But! I can say that if you've been thinking about watching Dredd and just haven't gotten around to it yet, it's worth the hour and 35 minutes. Go. Have some fun and watch shit asplode. [Netflix]


Raphael Jarvis Sloan

If only dumb bastards like yourself saw it in theaters we would have a sequel on the table. Why did you pass on this movie? Go buy it on blu ray to fucking redeem yourself!