Drive 1,300 Miles From Maine To Florida On a Gallon of Gas

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Imagine being able to drive 1,325 miles on a single gallon of diesel gas. It seems like a dream, but researchers are working to bring this hypermiling technology one step closer to the consumer market.

Cambridge Design Partnership recently took its eco-friendly concept car for a spin at the Mileage Marathon Challenge held in the UK. A lucky 11-year old schoolgirl was the driver of this automobile which gets a staggering 1,300 MPG.

It achieves this feat with an oxygen concentrator, low-friction tires and Cambridge Design Partnership's ‘Go' system. The Go system is crucial to the car's success. It provides real-time GPS tracking information, monitors the car's performance and regulates the engine to maximize fuel efficiency.


The technology is exciting, but most of these vehicles are still in the R&D stage. They are designed to get people excited about the technology, not for Ford or Nissan to adopt next year. Maybe in the next five years. Fingers-crossed. [Inhabitat]