Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is making a Barbarella TV series

Indie darling Nicolas Winding Refn's next project has us A.) scratching our heads; and B.) very, very excited. Refn will be directing and executive-producing the TV series Barbarella. Oh, Pygar!


Deadline reports that Refn is teaming up with Martha De Laurentiis and Gaumont International Television — the folks behind the Hannibal TV show — to bring the campy world of Barbarella back:

Refn called Barbarella "one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters." Added GIT CEO Katie O'Connell, "We are thrilled to have secured the rights from the Forest estate and are thrilled to be pairing the bold visceral style of Nicolas Refn with the pop culture icon Barbarella."

We can't wait to see what he does with the "Excessive Machine!"


John Hazard

Barbarella is really under appreciated as a sci fi movie. It's very imaginative, unique, and fun. Lots of really interesting design work. I hope the show uses some the the film's style, and stays weird and sexy, without being cheap. You could say the original character was a hapless girl blindly stumbling her way along as she was sexually taken advantage of by every man (and woman) she met, or you could say she was a fearless adventurer innocently encountering a lurid universe much different from the utopian Earth she knew.