Road rage driver shows why road rage is so silly by crashing his car

We're so lucky that Russia is doing its part in documenting history through dash cams because we get to see idiots act like idiots every other day. Here we get to see a foolish driver in road rage, who didn't merge into a lane fast enough, 'retaliate' on the car who 'cut him off' by speeding and braking hard. Only the idiot road rage driver loses control of his own car and ends up crashing into a bystander's car, almost killing an innocent guy. Idiot.

I love how the guy who the road rager was targeting just laughs and laughs and laughs. Good thing that innocent guy wasn't hurt!

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Guy in the Lada should have moved over quicker from whatever the right hand lane was that was ending... BUT, the guy with the dashcam should of seen this and been a good guy rather than trying to box him in at the last possible moment. Dicks, both of them.