DRM Group to Kill Analog Blu-ray Output

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The AACS Licensing Authority is most renowned as the group behind the DRM found in Blu-ray discs—the same DRM, mind you, that's already been cracked. And they're out to kill analog.

Ars Technica points out that in the recently released 118-page AACS Final Adopter Agreement, the AACSLA refers to the upcoming "analog sunset"—or the phasing out of AACS content playing back over analog connections.


What's this mean? By December 31, 2010, AACS licensed manufacturers are required to limit AACS-compatible analog signals to interlaced SD resolution. By 2013, no AACS-compliant device will be allowed to have an analog port.

So once again, what's this mean? It's about time to upgrade to HDMI. Oh, and stodgy DRM bureaucrats are still convinced that they can stop piracy in the digital age by censoring the technologies of yesteryear. That's all. [AACS Final Adopter Agreement PDF via ars technica and image]