Droid Bionic Coming September 8th, According to New Leaks

Droid Bionic, where have you been? You've been teasing us since January, and now that you're finally coming, will people care or will you be out-shone by others who got to the party sooner and look at least as pretty?


Droid-Life has scooped up a bunch of docs that show the Motorola Droid Bionic hitting Verizon on September 8th. It looks to pack in some very sweet features like video-chat over Google Talk (which means you can video chat with anyone that has Gmail), an 8MP camera "with improved low-light performance", and tons of accessories (including a laptop dock). Now Android Central has confirmed that Costco will be launching it on the 8th as well. It certainly looks like a killer phone, but who's going to grab it and who's going to snub it for arriving so ridiculously late? Did Motorola/Verizon wait too long, and now the Droid/Nexus Prime is too close? (check the gallery for the leaked images) [Droid-Life and Android Central]

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