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Dropbox Has Deleted a Bunch of User Files From the Cloud

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bad news for some people who only live on the cloud: Dropbox has confirmed that a bug in some older version of its dekstop app has deleted user files from the cloud.

Good news: Dropbox says that it's restoring files where it can and is updating the bug. More bad news: it can't restore all the lost files.


The problem seems to have arisen for users who turned on Selective Sync, which limits cloud syncs to specified folders. These syncs are usually set up to occur after something like a serious crash which has, in a few cases, made the problem incredibly frustrating—a few users seem to have reported that they've lost years' worth of content. Ouch.

If you've been affected, Dropbox should be getting in touch, offering a year's worth of Dropbox Pro service to sooth your soul. But that's probably little consolation if all your files are gone. [Dropbox via Engadget]