Dropping a GoPro In a Lava Lamp Is Like Peering Inside a Beating Human Heart

As relaxing as a lava lamp is to watch from the outside, from the inside it’s a whole other level of mesmerizing. You’d assume that dropping a GoPro in a working lava lamp would be like diving into an active volcano, but the footage is more akin to peering inside a beating human heart as blood cells swirl all around you.

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Do not try this at home. The stuff inside a lava lamp is not remotely safe to eat or drink — it includes such ingredients as antifreeze and dry-cleaning fluid (PERC, a potential carcinogen). These guys were idiots to handle it without precautions. And they were insane to try to cut the glass while the lamp was active and its contents were hot. It could easily have shattered and sprayed them with burning wax and liquid.