Drowning Man Saved by Vacuum Cleaner Hose

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Two men were working on a waterborne excavator when it collapsed and pinned one underwater—just deep enough to make breathing mostly impossible. Jumping into action, witness David Thomson ripped off his clothes and dove into the chilling waters to rescue the dying man, known only as John.

Struggling to keep John's airways above water, Thomson yelled for someone to find him a tube, snorkel, funnel or anything he could use to transfer air down to keep him alive. A witness was able to find a vacuum cleaner hose in Thomson's own boat-rental kiosk. Thomson used the hose to blow air into John's lungs until the paramedics arrived, 10 minutes after the excavator had originally collapsed.

Thomson and John's unidentified coworker have been recommended for bravery awards. Sure, it's very brave of Thomson, but I could only hope that the hose hadn't just been used for vacuuming up spiders—or God knows what else—before it was converted into a breathing apparatus. [The Age via AdelaideNow]