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Drum Table: Perfect Accompaniment for Drinking Songs

Illustration for article titled Drum Table: Perfect Accompaniment for Drinking Songs

It's a table. With drums built in. And other percussion instruments, you can swap around. Yey! Need to know more before you buy one to go in your student home? See the video (it's better than the photo.)

The Musical Rumba Series tables are handmade by artist Tor Clausen, and are available in four different sizes, each accommodating a different number of instruments. So, ok, they're probably not ideal for drinking game frolics unless you all club together and try really hard to not spill beer on one: the prices range from $800 to $2,900. [Musical Furnishings via Oh Gizmo]


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@92BuickLeSabre: If they make a folding 'card table' version of this... I predict at least 16 of these showing up at the first W'Burg Kickball League game of the season.