Dual Layer Discs Not Causing Wii Errors, Cigarettes are

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Word was in that copies of SSBB were causing Nintendo Wii consoles to readout a list of system errors. Nintendo has responded saying the game disc is not faulty, in fact, the likely cause is a dirty disc lens caused by smoke and general dust build-up. The SSBB disc is the first game to ship as a DL-DVD, and this type of DVD requires an increased sensitivity from the lens. So, build up that would not normally effect game play from a single layer DVD would cause errors from the dual layer variety. Thankfully, Nintendo has offered to clean any affected consoles, but they aren't issuing nicotine patches to help you quit smoking—the cleanup is going to get repetitive... [Kotaku]


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@djdare: Not necessarily, he may have been serious. Although the drives and media are considerably more expensive, most BD-ROMs sold now are single layer only, and Blu-Ray also has very effective error correction and more scratch-resistant media.