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Dubai Is Obviously Building the World's Biggest Mall

Illustration for article titled Dubai Is Obviously Building the Worlds Biggest Mall

Since building something that's conventional is out of the question for Dubai, the second-largest United Arab Emirates city announced today that it's breaking ground on the world's largest shopping mall.


In a grand announcement made by the emirate's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, "substantial work" has begun on the aptly titled "Mall of the World." However, details such as a targeted completion date, its cost, and where the financing would come from weren't disclosed. Plans for the mega-mall were originally announced 18 months ago.

And from what Gulf News reports, it sounds impressive. The eight-million square feet facility will house the world's largest indoor theme park, several theaters, a four-mile long "retail street network," around 100 hotels, and a medical facility if you plan to shop until you drop.


For those keeping track at home, the mall is roughly one million square feet bigger than current record-keeper: New South China Mall in city of Dongguan. Also, it's more than two-and-a-half times bigger than our lowly Mall of America.

With stats like that, we can only imagine how anxiety-inducing the H&M is going to be. [Gulf News via Reuters]

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Am I wrong to have the impression that most of this new construction is essentially empty and just for show? There's no way that all of these enormous residential and commercial structures are operating, or will operate, anywhere near capacity, right?