‘Dubstep Tebow’ Does Exactly What You Think It Does

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If you were told to make an iPhone app that to capture the current zeitgeist, what would it look like? A gas price calculator, perhaps, or something like the Inhuman Microphone?

Or how about an app that lets you make dubstep tracks from Tim Tebow's voice—does that sound about right? We thought so. Enter the appropriately-named Dubstep Tebow ($1), which does just that.

I was ready to hate this thing, expecting a cheaply-made app that barely worked, thrown together in a cynical attempt to cash in on the buzz surrounding the recently-relocated quarterback and polarizing electronic dance music subgenre.


To my surprise, Dubstep Tebow is a lot more fun than it has any right to be—even if it was created as a bizarre money-grab. Operation is simple: One set of buttons triggers looped drum beats; another sets off wobbles and bass drops; and a third unleashes "the Tebow."


We had fun playing with the Tebow quotes - "All he does is win games!" was a particular favorite. But the real enjoyment came from the various wobble sounds. In a trick apparently cribbed from at least one other dubstep app, Dubstep Tebow modulates the speed of the bass according to how your phone is tilted, to satisfyingly Skrillesque effect. Plenty of brainless fun ensues.

Aside from the $1 asking price, the only thing we can think to ding this app on is timeliness. Timing is everything with this sort of meme-tastic joke, and with the NFL no longer in season, Dubstep Tebow (released last week) feels a little late. Now, what we really want is an app that features holographic Tupac and Lena Dunham singing a duet composed of lines from Jose Canseco's Twitter feed. Get on it, developers; just make sure it's out by tomorrow. Image: Mike Stobe / Getty Images Sport


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