Dune buggies race on the verge of crashing in spectacular aerial video

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What do you get when you combine huge horsepower buggies, Dubai sand dunes, and a camera drone? One spectacular video, that's what.

With the engine mounted in the back, these powerful, lightweight buggies can pop a wheelie even while climbing a majorly steep hill. How do these sand stunters steer with their front wheels in the air? Serious dune buggies like these have "cutting brakes", dual levers that control the brakes on either rear wheel. Wanna turn left while your front wheels are airborne? Give the left rear wheel a little stab of brakes and you'll start arcing into a curve.

These drivers probably have sand up their sleeves, down their collars, in their underwear, and between their teeth. And they probably don't care at all—they're having too much fun to worry.


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