Dung Beetle Inspired Algorithm Enhances Video Shot in Almost Pitch Black Environments

Swedish startup Nocturnal Vision thinks their new dung beetle inspired algorithm can be integrated into cellphone cameras to allow people to capture high-quality video in low-light environments. They've already got Toyota investing in the algorithm for automobile night vision systems.

The algorithm is by no means completely perfect. It sucks up so much processing power that even devices with a Snapdragon processor aren't powerful enough to run it and it also leaves those wanting to shoot quick still pictures out of luck:

Nocturnal Vision's algorithm pools information from about seven frames before and after a shot to brighten, reduce noise and sharpen the video stream. The technology can work in real time as scenes are shot, or can be applied to video in post-processing. However, because it requires multiple frames, it won't work with single-exposure still images.


The company hopes to work with chipmakers to one day be able to integrate the algorithm into cellphones, but it may be several years before we could be able to film in the dark without regular nightvision. [Wired]

Photo by Chris_Moody


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