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Dungeons and Dragons is getting in on that miniature aerial combat craze

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

FFG's X-Wing and Wizkid's own Star Trek: Attack Wing have seen a pretty major revitalisation of dogfighting miniature games in recent years, but now the esteemed tabletop franchise D&D is getting a piece of the action, replacing spaceships with, err... Dragons. I mean, what did you expect?

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing looks very similar to Wizkid's Trekkified take on the combat game formula - replace ships with Dragons and you largely have the same game - but the interesting twist is that unlike other games of this ilk, D&D will incorporate ground units into the game as well as the primary fliers:


7 Expansions for the game are available alongside the base starter pack and some of them, like the Sun Elf Wizard above, aren't actual flier units but ground units that can buff your dragons and harry the support troops of your opponent - akin to the pilot cards used in X-Wing or Star Trek: Attack Wing, but with a physical presence of their own on the battlefield. It's an interesting addition to this sort of game, and the idea of a Dragon swooping down to gobble on whatever ground units your enemy plays seems oddly satisfying. It works for D&D in a way that it wouldn't really work for other games like this (although now I'm sad that X-Wing doesn't feature you flying down into atmosphere and strafing at ground troopers. Get on it, FFG!).

The game's available as of today, and $50 will net you the base pack with three Dragon models and all the rules and tokens you need to play, and the 'expansion packs' range between $15 and $25 each. You can find out more about the game over at Wizkid's Website.


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