Dutch Prisons Get Big Bro Makeover

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If I ever go to jail, please make sure it's in a Dutch prison. Looks like those clever Dutchies have done it again, opening a high-tech prison that will allow inmates to do their own cooking, washing and organize their own daytime schedules—all with a touch-screen monitor at the foot of their beds. If you didn't know this already, Holland started the Big Brother reality TV craze and these facilities are now being dubbed the "Big Brother Prison" because of the monitoring of its cells using electronic wristbands and emotion-recognition software. Though strangely enough, it seems the prisoners will actually have more privacy than Big Brother contestants because camera surveillance is limited to public spaces—not on bunk beds or in bathrooms. The whole thing should save money (from $170 cost per prisoner at other Dutch prisons to $125 per night) because of the easier monitoring and fewer guards needed. And let's face it, if you can get some cool inmates in your dorm room, you could have a rockin time!

Dutch open Big Brother prison [CNN]


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