A loose DVD in a pocket saved a South Carolina man from injury after he unwittingly got involved in a firearm fracas outside a fast-food joint. Fire chief Barry McRoy was leaving the Waffle House restaurant at the weekend in the town of Walterboro when he got involved in a gun battle between two men.

McRoy, a Fire and Rescue Director for Colleton County Fire Service, didn't notice he had been shot until later, when he spotted a bullet hole in his jacket as he was giving a statement to police. Further inspection revealed the shattered DVD case in his pocket, alongside the remains of the bullet.


"I felt something like being hit in the stomach and assumed it was the percussion from the discharged firearm," said McRoy. "I was saved by a DVD. How lucky can you get?" The DVD, a recording of a show about fire extinguishers, was gifted to him by an employee and only suffered minor damage. [Telegraph]