DVD Watermark for Next Gen Protection

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Now that next generation DVD is a reality, Hollywood is getting even more nervous about piracy. So it's no surprise that a new technology for copyright protection has been floated at a conference held by the international DVD Forum in Paris. The new system actually works with the soundtrack of movies rather than the video and will be included on all major movies released to movie theatres. Basically, all HD-DVD players will have a built-in sensor that will search for this inaudible watermark and if the player detects the code, it will assume that the disc is an illegal copy of the film made by either copying a film print to video or our favorite, pointing the old camcorder at the movie screen. If this happens, your disc won't be played. One problem: Lets say there's a movie playing in the background while you're shooting home video? If it continues for the entire video, you just won't be able to play the DVD. BUSTED! But surely, a very interesting idea indeed.

New DVD watermark has pirates in its sights


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