E3 2006: Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard

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This keyboard made its debut at CES back in January, but since then it has gotten quite a makeover with some new fantastic features. The Tarantula has added complete macro functionality. Any kind of macros can be bound to the outside keys on the left and right sides using Razer's software. In addition to the programmable keys on the side, every key on the keyboard can be programmed to do something else or disabled entirely Get the rest of the scoop after the jump.

The keys have some nice techie upgrades that include anti-ghosting and optimized hyperesponse technology. The anti-ghosting prevents key jamming when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously and the hyperesponse functionality reduces key-press latency and provides a better—supposedly 1ms—response time.

Unforunately backlighting was not possible because of the key features mentioned above, but to compensate for that there is an included mini lamp that attaches above the F keys and provides a little bit of blue light on the keys. Also included are five programmable profile settings and microphone, headphone and USB ports.


This keyboard will be available in August for $99.