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IDG's finally revealed a name for its giant consumer gaming show to replace the recently killed E3 show. The result: E For All, or E4, as it's undoubtedly going to be called. The name came from a consumer competition to name the show, and was entered by Dante Padre of California, who has a pretty bad ass name himself if we do say.

IDG is taking a more consumer-friendly stance with gaming tournaments, job fairs, family-oriented offerings, and a Video Games Live concert. Undoubtedly that means the general public will get to crowd in with the usual slobs who need to go to E3 E4 to cover all the news. Seems to us more like a convention that's halfway between E3's business dealings and PAX's fun-for-gamers approach.


'E For All' games show set for LA [Mcvuk - Thanks ProsumeThis]