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EarLove are earplugs designed for (and by) people who love live, loud music, but just can't hang with losing their ability to hear. Using the same technology that's in the high-end, custom-fitted Etymotic Musician's Earplugs (which go for about $150 a pop), the EarLoves reduce sound across all frequencies by about 20 decibels, which means you won't lose any of the details that make live music so great—you just won't lose your Ninja Assassins Union card. You can pick up a pair in a variety of colors for just $15 a pop, plus shipping and such, using the needlessly-Flash website.

Product Page [EarLove via CoolHunting]

Update: Chris Laurence points out that these are likely just Etymotic ER-20s, all pretty plastic upped. If you don't mind the drab colors, the ER-20 can be found even cheapers.
Product Page [Etymotic]


Update Update: Belay all that. You can get the ER-20 in the same colors. I don't know why they're selling these twice-over.