EASY5 Phone Gives You 5 Calls

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The EASY5 phone from Brando is an interesting concept, but pretty useless once given 5 minutes to think about it. By inserting your SIM card, you're allowed to program a phone number to one of the five buttons on the keychain-sized phone. It's a good idea if you're going on a trip where you'll be carrying a lot and you don't want to lose your normal phone. However if you're, say, hiking in the wilderness and you trip over a rock, fall, and break your leg, you've got 5 people as your lifeline. 5 chances, that's it. So as far as safety goes, this probably isn't the best phone for the job. It is designed with seniors and children in mind so I see their marketing view there as a 7 year old tends not to use a cellphone much. The EASY5 supports GSM 900/DCS1800 Dual Band, weighs only 60g, and retails for $165 USD. Oh wait, not for the USA! Sorry!

EASY5 5 Number GSM Mobile Phone [I4U]


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