Eat Up Everyone, Chocolate Is Good For You

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Good news! Another study suggests chocolate may be good for you. And the more you eat, the better off you are.


A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge surveyed seven studies that examined the effect of chocolate consumption on the health of 114,000 participants.

The results suggest there's a beneficial relationship between chocolate consumption and cardiovascular disease. Those with the highest level of chocolate consumption had a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and 29% reduction in stroke. So grab that box of Russell Stover Assorted Creams and indulge yourself for a while. [British Medical Journal via Gizmag]


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Why the hell are you publishing something that tells people to eat fatty sweets? I can understand saying "cocoa has even more health benefits than we thought," but "grab that box of Russell Stover Assorted Creams and indulge yourself for a while?!" Kelly, you should be freaking ashamed of yourself.

Any health benefits from the cocoa are destroyed by the high calorie content and the high glycemic index of such treats. Do you want to encourage your readers to eat more chocolate? Teach them how to eat very dark chocolate (90% cocoa), or recommend other ways to get cocoa (perhaps supplements or cocoa recipes. I have put cocoa in chili with great success).

Don't fool people into thinking candy is good for you! Hell, I could put vitamins into gummi bears, but would they be a viable alternative to fruits and vegetables?! No! So why does the existence of a healthy substance in an unhealthy food warrant its consumption?

I can just see the replies now: it's not all about calories, it's not all about glycemic index, "of course she didn't mean for people to actually INDULGE, even though those were her exact words..." I'm not here with a stick up my ass because of language or fitness beliefs. I'm here because this article is going to mislead people and cause unhealthy decisions, and journalism, even online journalism, is supposed to have more integrity than that! Freaking shame.