I have a problem I'm sure you're all familiar with: eco guilt. Whenever I'm about to drop a gigantic bomb on say, a small village, I get to thinking about the impact of the bomb on the environment. I mean, I'm not a monster. Popular explosives like TNT and HMX create nitrogen oxides when they explode, and those create smog and acid rain. Good heavens!

Luckily for warlords such as myself, experts at the University of Munich have developed new types of bombs using the compounds HBT and G2ZT, bombs that only produce ammonia when detonated. That'll leave target areas nice and clean with no acid rain to pour down on the charred remains of my victims. And people say I'm evil!


To be fair, the same compounds may be used in rocket fuels in the future, which are less destructive than bombs and have legitimate reasons to be eco friendly. But initially, at least, it's all about the bombs. [American Chemical Society via io9]