Economy of Scales: USB Guitars and Ukuleles

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Peter Kirn of CDM checks in regularly with the latest tech for musicians and wannabe musicians.

Ever wish you could ditch the guitar amp and assorted paraphernalia and plug directly into your computer? You're clearly dreaming of the iUke, a custom ukulele that routes audio directly to your computer via USB. The instrument was built by Brian Moore Guitars as a one-off for Mac maven Andy Ihnatko, but if guitar's more your style, the company's upcoming iGuitar.USB will have both analog audio for your amp and USB for your computer. Unfortunately, MIDI is trickier: the iGuitars route audio signal via a specialized 13-pin connector to hardware for MIDI conversion, so you can play your soft synth with a guitar instead of a keyboard. More details at CDM, for those interested.

iUke USB Ukulele: More Details, USB Guitar is Coming Soon [Create Digital Music]