EDGE Doubles its Speed

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Nokia Siemens Networks announced today that they have successfully doubled the speed of EDGE (to 592 kbps) using a software-based solution that is feasible for existing networks. Expected in the third quarter of 2008, Nokia will follow up with EGPRS 2, offering 1.2 Mbps and uploads reaching 473 kbps.


It's not the fastest tech on th block by any means, but it's potentially very good news to a slew of iPhone owners, as well as any manufacturer who'd like to compromise a bit of speed in the interest of battery life. [press release via gigaom]

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Wow! You had to mention the iPhone didn't you?

There's a lot of other EDGE phones out there, you know!

Does Gizmodo operate an Apple quota for its writers? "Every Gizmodo contributor must mention Apple, or an Apple product, in a minimum of 6 articles per day. A negative mention much be balanced out by 2 positive mentions."

Or something like that!