EEStor's World-Changing Super Battery to Ship This Year

EEStor, the company that says its battery is 10 times more powerful than all others on the planet and can make a four-passenger sedan drive like a Ferrari, came out of hiding last week, announcing it's going to ship its first product. That'll be a battery inside a car (pictured at left) to be delivered later this year by Toronto-based ZENN motors.


A car equipped with EEStore's Electrical Energy Storage Unit (EESU) is said to only need $9 worth of electricity to travel 500 miles, compared to the $60 worth of gasoline needed by a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The company's goal goes far beyond powering vehicles—it plans to "replace the electrochemical battery" everywhere, from powering laptops, storing electricity at electrical utilities and storing energy from wind and sun. This could change the world.

Battery Breakthrough? [Technology Review]

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