I don't know about your family but when I was growing up, whenever someone unwrapped a present and found a box of some sort inside they'd say, "OH MY GOSH a box! Just what I always wanted!" and no one ever really laughed but we kept saying it year after year anyway just because why not. Well with the Rolobox kit—a set of four plastic wheels that can turn any old box into a little vehicle—your kid might actually end up enjoying those boxes after all!

Expanding their play potential beyond the standbys of "fort" and "hat" (size depending), the Rolobox wheels attach to a box's corners with plastic nuts and bolts, and a little tail lets tikes tug their new toy around behind them. OK, yes, there's a chance your precocious tater tot will see what you're doing, trying to turn something that used to contain a real toy into some sort of plaything itself with a $14 plastic kit, but just take that as your cue for explaining recession economics to the lil' guy. [Amazon via Wired]