Elecom M-ABUR Series USB Mouse: Antibacterial Coating, But Don't Kid Yourself

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Elecom Corp. is getting creative with its mouse design, and its M-ABUR series takes its prospective buyers into the area of fear, uncertainty and doubt. If you're really scared of bacteria and viruses, Elecom tries to come to the rescue by adding an antibacterial resin to its surface that the company says prevents bacteria from replicating. No question that this is a clean design; it looks just like a bar of soap just to remind you that this is about the cleanest mouse you could ever get your hands on.

Good luck keeping that bacteria count in check, though, because there are more bacteria crawling around on our bodies then there are cells within. Although this mouse might be able to keep that number of bacteria crawling on your hands in the low billions, that's not going to make very much difference anyway. Still, if you feel like ignoring those last two sentences and placating yourself, the M-ABUR will be available by the end of this month for $33.

Elecom M-ABUR Series USB Mouse [Far East Gizmos]

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Someone had their mouth washed out with soap so many times that they actually like the taste. (I'm looking at you, homerjay.)

It is a sad commentary on our society when the selling point of a mouse is anti-bacterial coating. I suppose the audience of this product are those that are extremely paranoid and have to share a computer with other people. Of course, they better travel around in a bubble given all of the nasties out there, and the dust sitting on the computer is over 90% human skin.