Elecom 'Spoon' Mouse For Bite-Sized Travel

Illustration for article titled Elecom 'Spoon' Mouse For Bite-Sized Travel

If you're going to buy a travel mouse, it might as well, in some small way (possibly entirely induced by marketing), resemble a spoon. Right?


The Elecom "Like a Spoon!" mouse wraps stainless steel around plastic like a little, electronic amuse-bouche. Of course, given its $90 price and necessity to import (it's Japan-only), the satisfaction had better last more than a moment. [Elecom via Akihabara News via Engadget]


Woozle Wozzle

Are you kidding me?? You give this it's own article and your renegade the ipod touch-camera mod to a 'remainders'?

Come on... this is barely news.

This thing is just a regular travel mouse selling for 4x the price because it's 'stainless steel'... oooo, flashy!