Electric Superbike Uses iPhone As Its Dashboard

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Scrap the new iPhone, Snow Leopard, and even the Apple tablet. What I really want is this MotoCzysz Erpc, an electric superbike that not only looks amazing, but uses the iPhone as its dashboard, as you can see here:

According to Wes at Hell for Leather Magazine, the Erpc may win next Friday's zero emissions TTXGP race at the Isle of Man. He doesn't know how exactly the MotoCzysz Erpc uses the iPhone, but my guess is that it uses custom software that will mix the use of available sensors—like the GPS, the accelerometer, and even the light sensor to turn the lights on or off—and some kind of custom interface that connects it to the bike's electronic systems via USB, to give real time feedback about its mechanics. Or at least, that's how I would like the MotoCzysz Erpc to work at the TTXGP race or anywhere else.


Click to viewWhatever it is, the biggest question now may be if these bike people hate vowels or what. [Hell for Leather]