Electrifying Landscape Photography Captures Our Electric World

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We've all seen long exposure photography, allowing you to create shapes with light. But I don't think any of us has seen anything quite like the work of Barry Underwood, a landscape photographer for our connected, electric world. (More photos:)

His landscapes, while painstakingly staged, incorporate man-made light with an almost eerie naturalness. The glowing elements that should jar our eyes as electrical protrusions actually serve to capture nature with a new thesis: as a planet intrinsically altered by our footprint, though, not in that we've destroyed our Earth and things are too late kind of way.

Or another interpretation of the art might be, nature has a hidden power that we fail to acknowledge without shiny lights.


At least, those are my reads on his work (please share yours in the comments). You can see the collection with your own eyes as it's on display from November 21st 2009 - January 9th 2010 at Johansson Projects in Oakland, CA. [Johansson Projects and Barry Underwood via BLDBLOG]

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"I get 1,000 hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs"…

The one with the 2 trees and the blue light almost makes this post NSFW #barryunderwood