Electrolux's Vacuums of the Future Will Be Made From Ocean Garbage

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Electrolux may be known for its outlandish concepts, but when their CEO promises to look into reclaiming the plastic waste from the ocean and turning it into vacuum cleaners, I can't help but believe him.


It'll be fascinating to see how the Swedish company plans on doing so, though. I mean, they've certainly got the money (they're reportedly the world's second largest appliance manufacturer), and the creative brains (you've just got to look at any one of their ideas here to see that), but with the project's green aim I do wonder how they're going to go about doing that. Simply scoop the rubbish out of the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch with nets?

Hans Stråberg, Electrolux's President and CEO, pledge on the matter below—

Welcome to Vac from the Sea,

Our oceans are filled with plastic waste. Yet on land, there is a shortage of recycled plastic.

The supply of sustainable raw material, such as recycled plastic, is crucial for making sustainable appliances, and assisting consumers in making their homes greener.

I therefore hope you will join us in raising awareness about the threat plastic poses to marine habitats, and the urgent need for taking better care of the plastic that already exists.

Hans Stråberg President and CEO, Electrolux

I wonder if they can make ovens from the BP oil spill? [Electrolux via The Scuttlefish]



Again with the Pacific Garbage Patch BS? It's easy to claim something so large exists, but it can't been seen/photographed from space/planes, and we must put our trust in people's 2nd/3rd hand accounts and photos of a 5 foot floating collection of garbage, which means the one twice the size of Texas and can be walked on, is there as well, but no one bothered to take pictures.